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Frank Arthur

Modelling and characterization of climate, environment and human impact during the four energy regimes


MSc Environmental Science (Mid Sweden University, Sweden), 2018.

BSc Meteorology & Climate Science (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Ghana), 2013.

Host University: University of South-Eastern Norway, USN, Norway

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Hans Renssen

Country of Origin: Ghana

Languages: English

About Me

During the past 12 thousand years, the climate and environment in Europe has changed markedly due to both natural and anthropogenic factors. In the four energy regimes (ERs) that are central within the TerraNova project, the relative contributions of these two types of factors changed drastically. In the early Holocene (1st ER), the human population was relatively small, and natural factors most probably dominated over the human impacts in most places. The anthropogenic factors, however, increased in importance in the mid and late Holocene (2nd ER), and after the industrial revolution (3rd and 4th ER) the human impact became the dominant forcing factor. The extent of this dominance in the future depends on the scenario selected. The overall aims of my PhD project are to: (1) perform spatial and temporal analyses and modelling of transient changes in climate and vegetation during the four energy regimes at the European scale, (2) identify and understand similarities and differences between and within ERs at the European scale, and (3) provide detailed climate information for the four ERs at the scale of TerraNova’s fieldwork regions. The main data will be obtained from numerical simulations of past, present and future using the iLOVECLIM earth system model and appropriate natural and anthropogenic forcings.

I am a dedicated, organized and passionate meteorologist with knowledge in physics, mathematics, environmental science and ecotechnology, offering over 3 years of experience spanning across the broad range of detailed short and long range weather forecasting. Very good in educating the public in a persuasive style on climate change awareness. I have a proven track record of leadership and administrative skills. I prefer to watch and sometimes play football during my leisure times.


Arthur, F., (2018), Carbon Dioxide fluxes from a controlled boreal river in Sweden. Mid Sweden University, Faculty of Science, Technology and Media, Department of Ecotechnology and Sustainable Building Engineering.

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