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Strengthening European innovation capacity

TERRANOVA´s innovative interdisciplinary and intersectoral approach boosts smart growth. Global land management and rewilding issues, and the transition to a low-carbon society, are becoming increasingly urgent. We envisage novel, self-employed start-up businesses strengthening European innovation capacity in the long term. RE, WB and LRM will use TERRANOVA’s output to help conservation projects, communities and help businesses design nature based, self-sustaining approaches to deliver ecosystem services. IUCN, WWF, GCT and ELO will translate TERRANOVAs scientific insights to meet the needs of EU policy makers and national and subnational members. FUB will stimulate successful business starts with film scientists that focus on the depiction of landscapes in media.

Coordinating partner VUA with the Environmental Humanities Center will present TERRANOVAs results within the European Environmental Humanities Alliance.