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Kailin Hatlestad

Balancing nature and culture in North European landscape evolution and integrated legacies

MA  Anthropology-Archaeology (University of Montana-Missoula)

BA Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology (University of Minnesota-Minneapolis)

Host University Uppsala University, Sweden

Main Supervisor Karl-Johan Lindholm

Country of Origin USA

Languages English (fluent), Spanish (CEF B1), Swedish (CEF B1)




About the project

The ESR 2 TERRANOVA research project aims to model the settlement and land-use history of Northwest European landscapes with a focus on the long-term impact of human land use on fluvial systems located in Sweden, Netherlands, Germany, and Poland. The project aims to identify the most significant drivers in regional human-environmental interactions and to develop a spatial database for both archaeological and historical landscape data.


Nikulina A., MacDonald K., Scherjon F., Pearce E. A., Davoli M., Svenning J.-C., Emily Vella, Gaillard M.-J., Zapolska A., Arthur F., Martinez A., Hatlestad K., Mazier F., Serge M. A., Lindholm K.-J., Fyfe R., Renssen H.,
Roche D. M., Kluiving S., Roebroeks W. Tracking Hunter-Gatherer Impact on Vegetation in Last Interglacial and Holocene Europe: Proxies and Challenges. Journal of Archaeological Method and Theory 29, 989-1033 (2022)

Hatlestad K, Wehlin J, Lindholm K-J. Coping with Risk. A Deep-Time Perspective on Societal Responses to
Ecological Uncertainty in the River Dalälven Catchment Area in Sweden. Land. (2021); 10(8):883. 

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