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TAFS V: Industrial/Coal/Oil, Energy Regime 3; Romania

TAFS V took place in Romania in the northern Carpathians from  Sunday 3 October to Saturday 9 October.  With TAFS V (Coal, Oil; Fossil energy regime 3/ Subterranean) we are happy to have collaborated with the 4th Workshop on Regional Climate Dynamics: CARPATHIAN-BALKAN PALEOSCIENCE WORKSHOP 2021 (CBPW2021) endorsed by PAGES, which ran in part parallel to our training program.

We thank Marcel Mindrescu, George Bodi and Orieta Hulea from our Partner institutions USV, GeoConcept, ARFI and WWF and our ESRs Anastasia, Maria-Antonia and Frank for their efforts in preparing the full program of this TAFS week.