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Laura C. Quintero Uribe

Defining a framework for Rewilding European landscapes in the Anthropocene


MSc  Environmental Sciences in Europe: Soil, Water and Biodiversity (Universität Hohenheim and Universität Bodenkultur Wien)

BSc Biology (Universidad Javeriana, Bogotá)

Host University: Martin Luther Universität, Germany

Primary Supervisor: Dr. Néstor Fernández

Country of Origin: Colombia

Languages: English, Spanish

About Me

I consider myself as an advocate for the sustainable use of land resources with the mission to conserve and restore our ecosystems. It has been of my interest to understand how humans interact with the environment, that is why I joined the research group of Ecological Restoration (Escuela de Restauración Ecológica) during my bachelor studies.


There I learned about the importance of ecosystem services as a key component for sustainable landscape management. This is what sparked my motivation to pursue my master studies in soil and land management. My Master thesis taught me the importance of understanding landscape change dynamics and land use strategies in order to comprehend current and future land use patterns. Also, about the important role of landscape management in the provision of ecosystem services and human wellbeing. That’s is why I joined the TerraNova project as it will allow me to further advance the understanding of landscape change processes and implementation of better policies and practices for addressing current and future environmental challenges.

The main goal of my research project is to develop scenarios for rewilding European landscapes. In order to develop these scenarios, it is necessary to first elaborate participatory scenarios with multiple stakeholders based on current challenges to meet the different societal and climate demands.  Second, it is necessary to develop biodiversity and ecosystem services models in order to asses all possible implications of the different scenarios for rewilding in the lifestyles of the communities. Finally, together with the stakeholders evaluate and identify the possible rising tensions between rewilding and the maintenance of landscape inheritance

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