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Rowan Dunn-Capper

What is the socioeconomic value of landscape management?


MSc Ecological Economics (University of Edinburgh)

BA Biological Sciences (University of Oxford)

Host University: Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg, Germany

Primary Supervisor: Prof. Henrique Pereira

Country of Origin: England

Languages: English

About Me

I am interested in the potential for future ecosystems to restore lost ecosystem services and reestablish connections between humans and nature. However, when planning future ecosystems it is critical to integrate the plurality of stakeholder views. My project is based at iDiv, a multidisciplinary research centre based in Leipzig, where I will be looking at developing a framework to assess the costs and benefits of rewilding ecosystems. This framework can then be used to define conservation management priorities.

Outside of work I enjoy running and playing Football. I support Liverpool, worshipping every weekend at the church of Virgil Van Dijk. Besides sport, I spend much of my time reading and curating my Spotify playlists.