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Deliverables and Documents

We want to make as much of our work as accessible and transparent as possible. Every once in a while we have to meet deliverables that result in important policy documents for our project. When this happens, they will be posted here. 

Work Package  NoDeliverable Rel. NoDeliverable NoTitle
WP1D1.1D17Course overview
WP1D1.2D18Personal Career Development Plans
WP1D1.3D24Go/No Go: 1- year evaluation Go/No Go form
WP1D1.4D25TerraNova AcademyField School series are completed
WP1D1.5D30PhD: Graduation, thesis defence
WP2D2.1D215-18 scientific publications of WP2
WP2D2.2D11Vegetation cover maps (continental and sub-regional)
WP2D2.3D8Map/database of natural disturbance regimes
WP2D2.4D32Agent-Based Models for past environments
WP2D2.5D33Data contributions to the TerraNova digital Atlas developed in WP3
WP3D3.1D1Preliminary publication of the digital atlas
WP3D3.2D312-16 scientific publications of WP3
WP3D3.3D10Final publication of Digital atlas of landscape evolution
WP3D3.4D31Documentation of pathways and perceptions of future landscape change contextualized in the long-term landscape history of Europe
WP4D4.1D48-10 scientific publications of WP4
WP4D4.2D5Scenarios and social valuations of land management
WP4D4.3D6Guidelines on land management practices
WP4D4.4D7Strategic (context-dependent) guidelines
WP4D4.5D9Instruments, tools, and protocols for decision making
WP5D5.1D15Data Management Plan DMP
WP5D5.2D19The TerraNova communication and dissemination plan
WP5D5.3D21White paper, I
WP5D5.4D22White paper II
WP5D5.5D23White paper III
WP5D5.6D26Guidelines, For EU-network
WP5D5.7D27Regional policy frameworks
WP5D5.8D28The TerraNova MOOC
WP5D5.9D29The TerraNova conference Managing landscape histories, past, present and future
WP5D5.10D34Potential inputs for policy feedback
WP6D6.1D12Project website: The project website (intranet as well as internet) is up and running
WP6D6.2D13Consortium Agreement
WP6D6.3D14Supervisory Board
WP6D6.4D16Description of recruitments
WP6D6.5D20Progress report
WP6D6.6D35Terra Nova’s vision on Intellectual Property Rights