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                   Project update

Available now our  White paper I   : Policy recommendations for sustainable landscape management strategies 

TerraNova Academy Field School TAFS III : Agricultural/Timber, Energy Regime 2; October 19-21 – 2020 –        programme →

Movie night:  Amsterdam 23 Feb 2021 

Future Landscapes event : Amsterdam 24 Feb 2021

TerraNova Academy Field School TAFS IV: Industrial Revolution, Transition ER2/3; local stakeholders; France 2021

 ESR progress update

  Marco Davoli (ESR8)                                                                                               presentation about Neanderthals and megafauna. 


  Emily Vella (ESR5) presenting her project


 Anastasia Nikulina (ESR3)

 presenting The Deep Past of Anthropogenic Landscape Transformations.


  Roberta Rigo (ESR15) presenting her project



 Alexandre Martinez (ESR4) presenting his first poster. 


 Emily Vella (ESR5)

presented aRchaeology: Introductory workshop to statistics, programming and R; 62 people from all over the  globe participated in the  workshop.


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