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Welcome to TerraNova

TerraNova is The European Landscape Learning Initiative that trains 15 PhD candidates in landscape histories and futures. TerraNova’s mission is to develop an unprecedented digital atlas of Europe compiled by an interdisciplinary group of researchers that combine human population patterns in the past, plants and disturbances, animal development, and climate change.


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Lecture series: What is the Anthropocene?

Everybody is welcome to join this open lecture series in autumn 2023, which explores the current academic debate on this new epoch from different angles. It is organised by the first VU Distinguished Fellow of the Anthropocene, Dr Sjoerd J. Kluiving, in collaboration with the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute.

During the lecture series ‘What is the Anthropocene? – Exploring transdisciplinary collaboration for sustainable change’, speakers and participants will discuss how interdisciplinary research can contribute to challenges of the planetary poly crisis that are part of what scientists are debating is the Anthropocene. Each lecture consists of two expert presentations which will be followed by discussion and is open to anyone at VU and beyond.

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On the road to COP28

Leading up to COP28 in Dubai, two interactive workshops are organised by the VU Distinguished Fellow of the Anthropocene at VU Amsterdam.

Storytelling is a uniquely human trait. It is the basis of how we learn; the passing of knowledge and experience from one generation to the next. It enables us to communicate complex concepts, fuse facts and feelings, and transform listeners into actors.

During the two workshops ‘Transdisciplinary co-design on the road to COP28′ in October and November 2023 we are building on the lecture series ‘’Anthropocene: overarching disciplines collaborating for sustainable change’ and the ‘SDG Academy COP28’ lectures and bring stories for the days of COP28, connecting science, human health, art and activism; the Netherlands and United Arab Emirates; the Global North and Global South. Both the workshops as well as the fellowship of the Anthropocene are coordinated by the Amsterdam Sustainability Institute.


We’re thrilled to announce that our MOOC Integrated Landscape Analysis (ILA): Addressing Biodiversity and Climate Crises is live and available for free.

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