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MSCA Green Charter

TerraNova is proud to contribute to the MSCA Green Charter sustainability practice. The MSCA Green Charter is a code of good practice for individuals and institutions who are in receipt of MSCA funding, TerraNova included!

General principles of the Green Charter

The sustainable implementation of your research project starts at the planning stage and continues throughout the lifetime of the project. The goal of the MSCA Green Charter is to encourage sustainable thinking in research management.

Some measures individuals and institutions are invited to consider are to

  • reduce, reuse and recycle
  • promote green purchasing for project-related materials
  • ensure the sustainability of project events
  • use low-emission forms of transport
  • promote teleconferencing whenever possible
  • use sustainable and renewable forms of energy
  • develop awareness on environmental sustainability
  • share ideas and examples of best practice

Some ways in which TerraNova contributes are by traveling by low-emission forms of transport as often as possible. Some researchers traveled by bus and train from The Netherlands to Romania and Portugal and from Sweden to The Netherlands so far. We offer help to our consortium in booking the most sustainable travel option.

Sustainable Development Goals

TerraNova works closely with the SDG’s. Especially goal nr. 13: Climate Action and goal nr. 15: Life on Land are closely related to the research of TerraNova!