Past events

2019 – 1 April  

TERRANOVA (1-4-2019) was kicked off at the International Union of Conservation of Nature (IUCN) in Brussels , Belgium with all beneficiaries represented as well as the Project Officer of the European Union.

In multiple sessions project content, recuitment and administrative details were discussed, with our aim currently held at the 15 April deadline for applications at one of the 15 PhD positions.

2019 – 17-18 June  

The Launch & recruitment event was a success. The process was aimed at students willing to become part of a new generation of professionals, working in an international and multidisciplinary team of researchers, managers and entrepreneurs, on the themes central to TERRANOVA.

TerraNova Academy Field School TAFS I: Hunter/Gatherers, Energy Regime 1; The Netherlands: 

INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMME a.) Thematic course Landscape, climate modelling and ABM; b.) Complementary skills & intersectoral training; Film and broadcasting; c.) Complementary skills & intersectoral training; Co-production of knowledge and shared learning (UU)

Beyond TERRANOVA Prof. Erle Ellis, Maryland Univ, USA; Other EU Horizon2020 projects Julia Blasch (VUA) Newcomers; Gert-Jan Burgers (VUA) Heriland


The consortium organized a Town hall meeting: Back to the future landscapes

TAFS II –  Agricultural Revolution, Transition ER1/2

INTENSIVE TRAINING PROGRAMME a.) Thematic courses: Landscape Archaeology and Historical Ecology

Beyond TERRANOVA workshop on shifting baselines by Sophie Marie Monsarrat; workshop on the biogeography of Northern Neanderthals by Trine Kellberg Nielsen; Talk by Paul Sinclair

Upcoming events


TAFS III – Agricultural/Timber, Energy Regime 2; Portugal


TAFS IV – Industrial Revolution, Transition ER2/3; local stakeholders; France

TAFS V – Industrial/Coal/Oil, Energy Regime 3; Romania

TAFS VI – Green Transition, Transition ER3/4; international stakeholders; Belgium

TAFS VII – Low Carbon Society, Energy Regime 4; Sweden