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Josiane Segar

Investigating the potential of natural restoration and rewilding in the European landscape


MSc: Biodiversity, Conservation and Management, University of Oxford

BSc (Hons):  Ecological and Environmental Sciences, University of Edinburgh

Host Institution: iDiv, Germany

Partner Institution: Rewilding Europe Foundation, The Netherlands

Supervisors: Prof. Henrique Pereira; Dr. Nestor Fernandez

Country of Origin: United Kingdom

Languages: English, German, Spanish

About Me

My project focuses on understanding which physical, ecological and socio-economic factors determine the chances of success for the recovery and rewilding of well-functioning, coherent ecosystems. I am based between Rewilding Europe’s head offices in Nijmegen, The Netherlands and the German Centre for Biodiversity Research (iDiv) in Leipzig, Germany.

I graduated top of my year studying ecological and environmental science for my undergraduate, during which time I also worked for two summers on the American Prairie Reserve in Montana. I then spent a year living in Mexico where I worked as a research assistant at the faunal conservation lab at UNAM, continuing to focus on prairie landscapes and their conservation issues, most specifically on the mutualistic grazing patterns of prairie dogs and cattle in Janos, Chihuahua. It was during my master’s year at the University of Oxford that I concentrated my efforts on rewilding as an exciting opportunity for novel conservation approaches.

When I’m not obsessing over rewilding, I’ll be swing dancing, kickboxing, painting (badly) or singing.


Segar & Keane. 2020. Species and demographic responses to wildlife-friendly fencing on ungulate crossing success and behaviour. Conservation Science and Practice, e285. .

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